Gealogica LLC
Building natural communities

Neighborhood, Non-Profit, and Government Projects

Initiating projects: finding funding sources, writing grants, grant and project management

Examples of projects we can help with:

  •  creating clusters of rain gardens in a community
  •     creating greenways 
  •     stormwater and low impact development education     
  •     community climate change projects     
  •     community gardens with youth involvement
  •     multi-purpose park spaces



Landscaping projects 

  •   Garden design including patios, grading and water features 
  •   Garden renovation and botanical re-composition
  •   Residential Rain garden design 
  •   Assistance with Seattle Rain Wise rebate program
  •   Irrigation design with focus on water saving features and systems 
  •  Green walls and green roofs design  
  •  Tree inspections for health and risk assessments

 Restoration, Development, and Redevelopment

  • Wetland delineation, 
  • Botanical surveys and plant inventories,
  • Environmental restoration plans
  • Bioretention design, stormwater management plans
  • Innovative solutions such as improved soil mixes, above-ground bioretention,     and green parking areas.
  • Demonstrations of innovative soil mixes, including mushrooms, biochar,                                       unique sands